In the previous post, I introduced the three legs of intimacy here. I’d be painting a scenario, and we’ll see how the lack of spiritual intimacy deals a deadly blow to the home.

During our courtship, my husband and I promised ourselves that we’ll build an altar of prayer and study of the word, and also ensure that God was the foundation of our home. We drew up plans of personal and joint Bible study, retreats and prayer sessions. We wanted our home to be a place where people came visiting and they left saturated with God’s presence.

Being the spiritual head, my husband was responsible for morning devotions, retreats, while I handled our evening devotions.
The first three years of our marriage was blissful and spiritually refreshing. We enjoyed a different degree of closeness. The saying that a family that prays together stays together was a reality in my home.



From my days as a teenager, I’ve always been told to start praying for my marriage as a way of preparation. I kept hearing this from concerned people and it got to a point I just begin to smile when they bring up the marriage topic. At a point in time when I was telling my mum the age I wanted to get married, my dad had to ask if they were chasing me away.

I was made to see reasons as to why I need to begin praying for my marriage even as a teenager. Amongst the reasons given were the need to avoid confusion and unwanted pressure when the time is ripe, to be clear on what God is saying as to who his and who is not, amongst other things.

Having heeded the advice, I’ll love to share some of my prayers for my marriage. I’m doing so with the hope that many are blessed through it. Asides the prayers, I’ll also be recommending some books I’ve read as a form of preparation. Before, I share the prayers, I’ll love to make it clear that prayers made at a young age for marriage is not birthed by urgency or desperation to get married, rather, it is an investment made for the future. It’s better to pray now so you don’t have to pray later.

Prayers for marriage can be divided into two: the pre-marriage prayer, and what I will call the in-marriage prayer. To explain briefly, pre-marriage prayers are petitions made in determining who to marry, all along to the end of courtship. The in-marriage prayers are those made for the life-long period of the marriage. Pre-marriage prayers are basically prayers of direction to know God’s direction on whom to marry.

Don’t just see this as my prayers. Prayers are universal, hence, you could pray them for yourself too. Over to the prayer points.

1) And I shall be sweetness to his soul, and add flavour to his life.
2) I shall be a true helpmeet and a blessing to him.
3) He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. For finding me, the favour of the Lord shall never cease in his life.
4) Our sons shall be as plants grown up in their youths, and our daughters after the similitude of the palace.
5) Our offspring shall be for signs and wonders.
6) The wordings of Ephesians 5: 22-25 shall be evident in our home.
7) My home shall be a haven of peace, and rest. My marriage shall glorify God.

These amongst others are prayers for my marriage.

On the books, I have for you “The 5 Love Language, and Things I wish I knew before marriage” by Gary Chapman, “The Power of A Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian, Preparing to be his helpmeet” by Debi Pearl. These and many more will help in preparation for marriage. Feel free to reach out for more books.

Feel free to share your prayers as well.