“I love you,” he said, his mouth nibbling on my earlobes and his hands circled around my waist. I had heard these same words from guys before, but this was different. He had a way of melting my heart with his soft, feminine voice, and he knew the right words to make my heart flutter.
I’ve never fallen in love before, but I fell helplessly when I met him. The chemistry between us felt good. I saved my fears in my heart.

I had been a church girl all my life; I felt it was time I had fun. “It wouldn’t hurt,” I told myself. I had barely known him for two weeks when we started our touching and fondling escapade. I couldn’t have enough of him. When we shared a kiss, I held on to him as if my life depended on it. My spirit whispered “cut it off,” but my flesh screamed “this is pure bliss, relish in it.”

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