I never knew I had married a mama’s boy, a big old baby who wants to remain latched to mummy’s bosom than to have an independent life of his own. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my married life receiving orders from my mother in-law and watch her control how I run my home. Well, I do not blame her. I blame her son who has given her a foothold in our home. Nothing that happens in our home escapes his mother’s ears. If he hasn’t gotten ‘advice’ from his mother, his life doesn’t seem complete.

I’d rather save myself this agony with a temporal separation until the boy I married learns to handle situations in his home without involving his prying mother. I can’t afford being treated as a second class citizen in my home, while I watch a stranger being elevated to position of queen. Tell my husband that I love him, and when he is ready to break free from his mother, he knows where to find me.

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