Since this topic is very vast and an entire book cannot completely capture what this entails, because marriage is a broad subject, let me first state that the focus of this article is on keeping the marriage aglow.

You probably have had your dream wedding or not, but then, you have taken the most important step of making vows to your spouse to be together for better or for worse.

You are excited that you are spending forever with your soul mate, the one God designed for you but then you have seen instances whereby it begins to seem as though love is waning or like most people say, ‘we are beginning to grow apart‘ and you wonder why that can happen even to the best of people.

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“Tola, I’ve found husband for you o, since you’ve refused to bring one home”, mama Tola shouted from the kitchen in the typical African mother’s way. Tola was already fed up of her mother’s constant nagging and today wasn’t a good day for her.

Ignoring the old woman, she plugged her ears with her earpiece and pretended to be asleep. Storming into her room, mama Tola was irritated by the sore sight. She chose to ignore the and faced Tola. “See you, clean you will not clean, work you will not work, money you don’t have, you will just lie down like a big obese fool and keep piling up fat. Is this how you’ll behave when you go to the house of the husband I found for you?” Saying this, she stormed out leaving Tola to lick her wounds.

Tola barely clocked 25 some few months back and the major thoughts that have clouded her mind was when she’ll walk down the aisle and say “I do” to her heartthrob. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to have luck with guys and her nonchalant attitude wasn’t helping matters. Thinking on her mother’s words, she gave her life a second thought and changed for good. Shortly afterwords, men began to hover around her like bees hover around honey.

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