Marriage is 100% physical just as it is 100% spiritual, and physical intimacy is an important aspect of marriage. Asides other very relevant reasons people get married, what else do people get married for? To be intimate, physically! If marriage is just for companionship, then there’s no need for marriage as platonic friendships would do.

People jokingly say signing those dotted lines authorize the couple to start doing what is made for the marriage confines only. All this is just to emphasize on how important physical intimacy is in marriage. Here, I won’t share what you will find in the books. I’ll talk from experience only.

A lot of times, physical intimacy affects largely other areas of a marriage. Just like every other thing, it requires intentionality so that it becomes the norm in the home.

First, if intimacy is left only for when you want to have sex, it would become robotic and less interesting. You and your spouse are for each other alone, granted, but if you do not make efforts to spice things up over time, you may begin to make that aspect of the marriage boring. So, I’ll highlight some practical things below:

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