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A wave of nausea hit me. What could that be? As though there had been a conspiracy, my stomach churned and I ran to the toilet. This is the second month I have missed my period and I’ve been sick for sometime. I went to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy kit to confirm my fears. Could I be pregnant, could it be…, no, it has to be pregnancy.

I got the kit without informing my husband. I wanted to surprise him. I collected my urine in a cup and dipped the testing stick into it. I waited with bated breath expecting what the result would be. Disappointment hit me when I saw “not pregnant.”

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It happened again. This wasn’t the first, neither was it the second nor the third. As the blood trickled, the tears came pouring out like a fountain.

“Lord why?” I cried out. After 10 years of waiting, why should I still suffer miscarriages, I thought aloud, crying even harder. Perhaps the tears could wash away the pain I felt. The shame became unbearable, and the pressure mounted more. No thanks to my mother in-law who had become a pain in the neck.

This was not what I had bargained for. It wasn’t a part of the covenant I made with God. Hubby and I had prayed against any form of delay in child birth, having seen the trend in his lineage. His mother was plagued with delay and after many years, she conceived her only child- my husband.

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“I love you,” he said, his mouth nibbling on my earlobes and his hands circled around my waist. I had heard these same words from guys before, but this was different. He had a way of melting my heart with his soft, feminine voice, and he knew the right words to make my heart flutter.
I’ve never fallen in love before, but I fell helplessly when I met him. The chemistry between us felt good. I saved my fears in my heart.

I had been a church girl all my life; I felt it was time I had fun. “It wouldn’t hurt,” I told myself. I had barely known him for two weeks when we started our touching and fondling escapade. I couldn’t have enough of him. When we shared a kiss, I held on to him as if my life depended on it. My spirit whispered “cut it off,” but my flesh screamed “this is pure bliss, relish in it.”

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