In light of the recent and previous happenings in Nigeria, a group of Nigerian young writers came together to compile literary works that would serve as a means of hope to our hurting nation, and a call to action.

The stories are purely fiction, and are merely imaginations and opinions of the authors. Albeit, they portray the current happenings.

The book titled “Plateau” is hereby released and available for free download.

The book is not just about a state, but about a season.

A sneak peek into the book.

From different writers, we have articles, poems and short stories. Some of the works include: “Our Dirge”, “Heal Our Land”, “Peace for Plateau”… amongst others. Do well to find out more in the book. Thank you.

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‘Don’t let that crush crush you’ written by Funto Abioye, and first published in 2016 is an eighty-three paged book, with ISBN 978-978-454322-1-3.

The book is a must read for everyone. The main argument of the book is focused on not allowing your affections (crush) for a person destroy you, with the book focusing on teenagers as its main audience.

A six chaptered book beginning with an introduction into the world of teenagers, followed by all it is there is to know about crush- infatuation/affection for the opposite sex, by teenagers, and the need for self discovery at this age. The book then shifts its lenses to take into cognisance the unique needs of both the male and female sex. The book is concluded with a focus on the appropriate time for courtship/marriage.

The author draws majorly from her personal life, making use of a more persuasive and effective style to drive home her point. The tone of the book is just suitable for it is audience, and this was achieved by the author coming down to the level of her audience, by supplying appropriate and clear information on the theme of the book. The author did not fail to sample people’s opinion on the subject, with several responses from those who participated in the survey.

This is the first book I’m reading on the subject of crush, and I was personally enlightened by the book, and particularly challenged by the author’s relationship with God, which she stated in the book. I recommend this book for every teenager out there who desires a future without scars, as well as teenagers who have been crushed by their crush, and desires a new beginning.