In the previous post, I introduced the three legs of intimacy here. I’d be painting a scenario, and we’ll see how the lack of spiritual intimacy deals a deadly blow to the home.

During our courtship, my husband and I promised ourselves that we’ll build an altar of prayer and study of the word, and also ensure that God was the foundation of our home. We drew up plans of personal and joint Bible study, retreats and prayer sessions. We wanted our home to be a place where people came visiting and they left saturated with God’s presence.

Being the spiritual head, my husband was responsible for morning devotions, retreats, while I handled our evening devotions.
The first three years of our marriage was blissful and spiritually refreshing. We enjoyed a different degree of closeness. The saying that a family that prays together stays together was a reality in my home.

Three years down the line, life happened. We were caught up in the rat race of pursuing riches. We soon forgot seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things will be added to you. All that consumed our thoughts and actions was how to have a more comfortable life, and how to pile up wealth for our kids in case anything happened. Our prayer time became financial planning time. Instead of studying the Bible, we were consumed in understudying the technicalities of our job so we could qualify for the next promotion. The only spiritual activity left was going to church, and it was just to fulfill all righteousness.

We had drawn far away from God and inevitably drawn farther from ourselves. We had lost touch of each other. The times we held hands or cuddled up in prayers brought about a bonding, but those times have perished in hades. Loving words became bickerings, and soothing touches were replaced with slaps and punches. It took divine intervention to regain our marriage back and it had been blissful ever since.

Situations as this are not few and far between. Many Christian couples begin to have problem when the foundation of their marriage begins to shake. Spiritual intimacy begins with each spouse having a personal relationship with God, and together they come to be one in spirit and worship before God. If you do not have a relationship with God, I’m glad to announce to you that it is not too late. When a partner’s relationship with God begins to shake, spiritual intimacy is being threatened.

Spiritual intimacy can be developed by both parties making a conscious effort to create time to pray and study the Word together. Engaging in retreats together, and share what each other must have gained in their personal study of the Word. Asides praying together, pray aloud for each other. You can lay your hand on your spouse and declare God’s promises into their life. Attend services together, and if possible, seat together in church.

In building spiritual intimacy, watch each other’s back. Ecclesiastes 2: 9 & 10 makes us understand that “two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow, but woe to him that is alone, for when he falls there is none to pick him up. Know the state of your spouse and be accountable to each other. Let your spouse spiritual welfare be your concern.

Spiritual intimacy is quite broad, but know this that you, your spouse and God are a threefold cord that cannot be easily broken. Have God as the Foundation, Author and Finisher of your home, and watch your home bloom.

Book Recommendation: The Power of A Praying Wife, The Power of A Praying Husband by Stormie Omatian.


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21 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL INTIMACY”

  1. When God is the foundation of a home, there is hope of revival after a shipwreck. But when unrighteous living is the anchor, crash landing is inevitable.

    That is why it is very important to consider spiritual compatibility before tying the knot.

    “Marriage is not rosy,” as the saying goes. That is why it’s one of the toughest universities ever attended. The staying power is prayer, endurance and patience to make it work.

    This story evokes a message that for spiritual intimacy among couples to be successful, patience, endurance and prayer are key ingredients.

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  2. Hmm! The place of God in our homes cannot be overemphasized, it is the sure path to having a blissful home. The devil keeps inventing a lot of strategies to create a crack in the home and then strike. May the Lord help us to discern whenever the devil is at the door and not give him an inroad into our homes…
    Thanks Kemi for this write up, it’s really awesome

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  3. …Let your spouse spiritual welfare be your concern… This just sums everything up. No one is spiritually perfect that is why you need each other. This is because whatever happens to the husband spiritually has happened to the wife automatically (only because they have become one). Teach each other in the love of Christ, study the word together, share knowledge and above all, help each other to grow in God. Only then can God take root in your household.

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  4. Hmm…
    The place of God and prayer are the uttermost part of a fulfilled marriage.
    This is where so many get it wrong, they fill they can patch things up and leave God and prayers out in their marriage.
    So many thinks that having a godly marriage or marrying a godly fellow means no trouble or marital circumstances will arise, so they fail to do their own part in the place of prayer and seeking God’s face for direction and solutions in / for their marriage.

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  5. By the way, in some marriages they leave the spiritual stability of the marriage to either the husband or the wife which is not meant to be.
    Peradventure one is stronger than the other spiritual, that doesn’t mean he/she should be left alone to carryout all spiritual activities of the family. They both can lift each other up and by so doing, they will have a better marriage standing firm on / in God

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  6. I was suggested this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!


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