Since this topic is very vast and an entire book cannot completely capture what this entails, because marriage is a broad subject, let me first state that the focus of this article is on keeping the marriage aglow.

You probably have had your dream wedding or not, but then, you have taken the most important step of making vows to your spouse to be together for better or for worse.

You are excited that you are spending forever with your soul mate, the one God designed for you but then you have seen instances whereby it begins to seem as though love is waning or like most people say, ‘we are beginning to grow apart‘ and you wonder why that can happen even to the best of people.

It takes a lot yet little to keep the marriage together and it also takes the same length to grow apart. So what then can one do after one says, ‘I do’?

The Foundation Of Your Home

You need to ensure that you and your spouse are deeply rooted and in agreement to serving the living God. He should be the one upon which your marriage rests upon because as interesting as marriage is, the storms do come. It’s not always sunny so in such times, you need the one who stills the storm but not only for the down times, but for all times.

It Takes Two To Tango

The marriage isn’t supposed to bloom just by the investment of one person into it. If this is what occurs, the party who does everything to keep the marriage together may get tired and discouraged overtime. It’s important for both parties to make it work together. Use your different strengths and gifts to improve upon your marriage.

Just like the above, the husband and wife need to understand that what you don’t feed won’t grow. If you assume that just because you are extremely certain you were made for each other, if you assume you are so in love and that’s all that matters, if you are not intentional about living out those vows to each other, just know that you are fast setting a house of being just roommates. Go out on dates once in a while, keep surprising each other from time to time, plan fun things together.

Be Your Own Marriage Goals

As much as you can admire other marriages and learn a thing or two from others, be sure never to compare. That is the thief of your marital joy. There’s no couple in the world like you and your spouse and that should motivate you enough. Seek to improve on your marriage for your marriage not because you are in competition with others but because it is the right thing to do.

To this end, I could go on and on about the several other needful things but these umbrellas the rest. If you can infuse these, you’ll easily figure out the rest on your own.

Over To You

Married? What do you do to keep your marriage aglow? Yet to be married? What plans do you have in mind to make your marriage work? Let’s know in the comment box. Thank you.

Do you think this has helped you and you want your friends to benefit, then do well to share. Your critique and feedback is much welcome.


Bio: Juliet Ambali had her first and second degree in English language because of her passion for writing but then she is more passionate about living life intentionally and she loves everything marriage related and believes the home front needs the right amount of attention for a better nation. She is the wife to a blessed man who has been a huge support system and a mother to an adorable daughter.

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Esho Kemi is a writer, public speaker and a blogger who has the mandate to make a change in her generation. She is the Content Manager at KEMI Writes, a writing agency that caters for all your editing and writing needs. Reach her via email:

9 thoughts on “AFTER ‘I DO’, WHAT NEXT?”

  1. Tell each other the slightest of secrets you have. That way, there will be much more trust between the two.
    Communication is Paramount. Even if it is just to hear your partner’s voice.
    Go on dates maybe every weekends and have a talk on work, finances, plans for future and ideas.

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  3. Always compliment/complement yourselves and rebuke yourself when necessary but with love.
    Fight (not physical violence o) or argue when necessary. I mean it’s okay not to agree on everything. After all it wasn’t supposed to be a union between 2 perfect people. Don’t let your little fights and arguments continue till the next day. Disagree in the morning, at work think about how irrational you were during your argument, come back home and apologize, hug and kiss yourselves at night before going back to bed. Dont wait until the other Partner apologizes before you apologize.

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