For two years, we’ve been on a wordpress.com site and blogging has really been an interesting journey. However, it becomes more interesting and fulfilling if you blog on a self hosted website.

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate all our readers, followers and subscribers. Your constant readership means a lot to me and I appreciate all you do to see my blog grow.

At this juncture, I’ll love to inform you that we have moved to our ‘blogpartment’ after 2 years of blogging as a tenant on WordPress. The blog still retains its name as Home Talks, but our new home can be visited, followed and subscribed too via thehometalks.com.

I’d appreciate your support and readership as usual. Cheers to many more fruitful years of blogging.

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It’s the time of the year filled with pomp and show, celebrations, wining and dining. The long 365 days is also coming to an end and many anticipate the new year and all of its unknown realities. In all of these, people find time to celebrate together as a family, that’s why there are instances of travels back to ones hometown, to dwell and catch up on past events with ones people.

Well well well. Family bonding goes beyond traveling to ones village or eating and drinking together as a family or visiting the exotic celebration spots all over and nothing more. It involves creating lasting memories together that you might not have been able to create over the past 300+ days because of the hustle and bustle of life. This season affords you a break to spend together with your family, and it is wise of you to utilise this period well.



There are certain things that make a man attracted to a woman and vice versa. The main form of attraction this post will cover is the physical attraction that serves as a magnetic force between a man and a woman.

It’s common knowledge that men are highly visual beings and they are moved by what they see. Before I move on, I’d advice you read this in the context of marriage so you do not misconstrue and misapply what you’ll read.



“I do not seem to understand you in this house. Your attitude these days is amazing. All you do is work work work. You give us everything except yourself. Did I marry money? I married you, but it seems I’ve lost you!” an enraged Brenda was ranting at her husband.

“Are you done?” Jasper responded.

“Can you imagine the rubbish you just said. Your insensitivity dazzles me. Your sudden coldness and brashness amazes me. And your stupid attitude of thinking all we need is your useless money irritates me.”
In his rage, Jasper charged at his wife and grabbed her by the neck.

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On a cold harmattan morning, five years after adopting Adura, my husband and I were taking a hot bath when I felt dizzy. The next time I opened my eyes was in the hospital, Adura and my husband standing on either sides. Drips were passed through my veins and I could feel my head heavy. I was told I had passed out having slipped in the bathroom.

The news that I was pregnant came as a rude shock. I had giving up on having children of my womb and I woke up each day thanking God for giving me Adura, and praying for other women in my shoes.

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A wave of nausea hit me. What could that be? As though there had been a conspiracy, my stomach churned and I ran to the toilet. This is the second month I have missed my period and I’ve been sick for sometime. I went to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy kit to confirm my fears. Could I be pregnant, could it be…, no, it has to be pregnancy.

I got the kit without informing my husband. I wanted to surprise him. I collected my urine in a cup and dipped the testing stick into it. I waited with bated breath expecting what the result would be. Disappointment hit me when I saw “not pregnant.”

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It happened again. This wasn’t the first, neither was it the second nor the third. As the blood trickled, the tears came pouring out like a fountain.

“Lord why?” I cried out. After 10 years of waiting, why should I still suffer miscarriages, I thought aloud, crying even harder. Perhaps the tears could wash away the pain I felt. The shame became unbearable, and the pressure mounted more. No thanks to my mother in-law who had become a pain in the neck.

This was not what I had bargained for. It wasn’t a part of the covenant I made with God. Hubby and I had prayed against any form of delay in child birth, having seen the trend in his lineage. His mother was plagued with delay and after many years, she conceived her only child- my husband.

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